Winter Prop Pack

Winter Prop Pack

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All the essentials and more to keep propagating and growing all through winter.

  • Soft-plastic propagation box (530mm x 270mm x 260mm)
  • Size small heat pad* (380mm x 280m) with option to upgrade to a size medium (550mm x 280mm)
  • 14 watt LED light bulb suitable for supplementary propagation lighting, E27 screw (fits a standard screw-bulb desklamp)
  • 10 pack prop-pots
  • 2x 8cm wicks (great to use with LECA and a water tray)
  • Mini snips
  • Scalpel + 2 blades (pliers are needed to change blades)
  • 40ml SAMPLE size of Clonex Clone Solution
  • Hygrometer - to measure humidity and temperature levels


  • Grow lamp / bulb: Kmart and The Warehouse have a number of affordable desk lamps that will fit this bulb.  LED bulbs produce minimal heat, we recommend positioning the bulb approx. 20cm above your prop-box.
  • Aim to keep humidity at a minimum of 75% and temperature between 22 and 27 degrees.
  • Try out propagating with LECA or Tree Fern Fibre, water propagating is fine too - just ensure the water doesn't get too warm.
  • If you don't already own some - consider adding some Rooting Hormone to your cart
  • Contact us for any additional support

* it is advised to allow airflow space between the heat pad and your Propbox / plants.  There are foam rounds provided for this purpose.