Foliage Focus & Clonex

Foliage Focus & Clonex

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Get the two must-have products from Growth Technology for one great price.

Foliage Focus Plant Food:

This baby is specifically formulated to encourage lush foliage growth for your non-flowering indoor plants (also works great on outside plants like palms, herbs and leafy greens).

Even more to love about this premium fertiliser is that it can be used in all growing mediums, including water, leca clay balls and sphagnum moss. How's that for versatility?

The Houseplant Hobbyist is proudly the first & only New Zealand stockist of Foliage Focus in New Zealand.

Clonex Clone Solution:

Clonex Clone Solution is the result of extensive horticultural research and is designed to work together with GT Clonex Rooting Gel for faster and vigorous root growth during propagation. GT Clone Solution contains specific micronutrients and root enhancing agents, carefully formulated to initiate and nourish new root cells.

We highly rate Clonex Clone Solution and use it everyday propagating cuttings for our Nurture Pots.

How to Use GT CCS Clone Solution?

  • Begin with diluting CCS at a rate of 5ml per litre of water.
  • Gently water cuttings and seedlings with diluted CCS at weekly intervals.
  • As the plant advances in growth, the dilution rate can be increased slowly up to 10ml per litre.
  • Can be used as a foliar spray every second day.