The Houseplant Hobbyist is a small New Zealand business run me - Katie - a gal with big (green) dreams and an avid houseplant lover.

This journey begun with a small Instagram store dedicated to selling propagated cuttings from my personal collection. It was a blimmin' great feeling to be making money out of doing something I actually enjoyed, but alas, there are only so many cuttings that can be taken from a plant.

And so The Houseplant Hobbyist was born - with some beast mother plants and an ever-expanding range of products and gift boxes, we're here to stay!

THANK YOU for your support of The Houseplant Hobbyist, it is truly appreciated.

With Love,
Katie - The Houseplant Hobbyist



Please fill in the form below or email hello@houseplanthobbyist.co.nz

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